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Significant bioeconomy park planned in Porvoo

A major new industrial park, concentrating on bioeconomy and circular economy, is planned in the Kilpilahti area of Porvoo. The City of Porvoo and Posintra development company are building the future of Kilpilahti in collaboration with local companies, Gaia and Neste Jacobs engineering company. The industrial park is partly based on current business operations in the area but it also seeks new initiatives.

The largest oil refinery and petrochemical cluster in the Nordic countries is located in the Kilpilahti area of Porvoo. There are 10 companies operating in the area, and 3,500 people work there. The companies have a cooperative production chain from crude oil to plastics. Among these companies is Neste, one of Finland’s largest cleantech companies. Its production focuses mainly on fuels that enable cleaner traffic.

“Neste produces renewable diesel e.g. from waste and leftovers. It is a good example of circular economy, in which one company’s waste is another’s raw material, and materials are reused. Bioeconomy is based on producing food, energy, products and services from renewable natural resources,” says Deputy Mayor of Porvoo Fredrick von Schoultz.

“Kilpilahti has an excellent chance to develop into a significant bioeconomy and circular economy cluster. This could also create new companies that could bring much-needed jobs to the area.”

Kilpilahti companies enthusiastic about the initiative

Posintra development company has received funding for the initiative from the European Regional Development Fund.

“This is an important and exciting project because the potential of Kilpilahti is really looked into for the first time in this scale,” says Programme Director Leena Tuomi from Posintra.

In the next two years, Kilpilahti will get a uniform vision and business model that will help to attract investments. The plan also includes boosting the collaboration of participating companies and improving their business opportunities. The cooperation potential among Kilpilahti’s current and prospective companies will be mapped out.

“The development and prosperity of Porvoo require vital businesses. Kilpilahti is an excellent example of the benefits that a centralised industrial area can offer both to companies and to the area,” says Deputy Mayor Fredrick von Schoultz.

“The development of the industrial park starts with a common vision. After that, the city can zone its own land to fit companies’ needs. We have top experts working on the project, and the businesses in Kilpilahti are committed and enthusiastic about creating our common future,” continues von Schoultz.

At the moment, participating companies include Bewi Styrochem Oy, Bilfinger Oy, Borealis Polymers Oy, Gasum Oy, Itä-Uudenmaan Jätehuolto Oy and Neste Oyj.

The needs of potential investors must be studied closely

Project Director Pekka Pokela from Gaia Consulting is very excited to participate in building a new Kilpilahti.

“We want to develop concrete models of collaboration and success as well as new business opportunities for the current and prospective companies in the area. That’s why it is very important to scrutinise the needs, wishes and potential of investing companies.”

“We will do our best to encourage companies to participate actively and ambitiously and challenge each other in developing new ideas. Circular economy offers significant business opportunities and national and regional benefits.”

The initiative is driven by Posintra development company and the City of Porvoo, and carried out with the help of sustainable business consultancy Gaia Consulting and Neste Jacobs engineering company. Its goal is to create new business from circular economy.

Posintra is a Southern Finnish company specialised in developing small and medium sized businesses.

Gaia Consulting is a consultancy for sustainable business. It helps clients become more competitive with responsible business that respects the environment.

Neste Jacobs is a consulting and engineering company that provides services and solutions related to technology, planning and project management.

More information:

  • Fredrick von Schoultz, Deputy Mayor, City of Porvoo, tel. +358 19 520 2221, +358 40 554 1586,
  • Leena Tuomi, Programme Director, Posintra, tel. +358 40 730 5440,
  • Pekka Pokela, Business Director, Gaia Consulting, tel. +358 40 544 1582, firstname.lastname
  • Maija Aho, Business Manager, Gaia Consulting, tel. +358 44 541 7444, firstname.lastname
  • Outi Ervasti, Head of Consulting, Neste Jacobs, tel. +358 50 458 9741,