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Scientific research in Finland has become more international

Academy of Finland published today a report on the internationalisation of Finnish scientific research. According to the report, international engagement in Finnish research has increased considerably over the past decades. Gaia completed a part of the study on the recent trends of the internationalization of scientific research in Finland.

The report shows that Finnish scientific publications are more international and research funding from abroad has increased. The mobility of researchers, however, show a declining trend. This is partly due to the changes in the mobility patterns as short visits and informal exchange of information has increased.

Current statistics do not fully capture the trends on internationalisation. The study also proposed new indicators to be monitored next to the existing data. Internationalisation will remain a major theme in Finnish science and innovation policy for years to come, and for this new reliable information on the status is needed.

The research was commissioned by Academy of Finland and it is a part of a larger SIGHT2009 review on the state and quality of Finnish scientific research, which will be published in autumn 2009. The research was based on statistics and interviews.

More information:

  • Mari Hjelt,, tel. +358 9 6866 6240 / +358 40 8236991 (gsm)
  • Report (in English): is available at Scientific research in Finland: Recent Trends of Internationalisation, Paavo-Petri Ahonen, Johan Lunabba, Mari Hjelt, and Mikko Syrjänen, Gaia Consulting, Publications of Academy of Finland 7/09.