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Särkänniemi amusement park has solar potential

Särkänniemi amusement park, located in Tampere Finland, could produce 600 MWh of solar electricity per year; the same amount that is consumed annually by 30 electrically heated single-family houses. The park could also produce solar heat that could be used to heat the pool in the Dolphinarium.

Särkänniemi amusement park is considering the possibilities of solar energy. Gaia took a look at the park’s solar energy potential and the best ways to utilise solar energy. Tengbom Eriksson Architects designed the visual look of the solar energy solutions to match the spirit of the amusement park. The study concentrated on solar electricity but the park also has solar heat potential. Särkänniemi will use the study as a guideline for its solar energy plans.

The best places to produce solar energy in Särkänniemi are the lakefront parking area, the roof of the Dolphinarium and the south side of the Rapids Ride. The area also offers numerous smaller, yet profitable, locations for solar energy. Energy production can conform to the spirit of the amusement park: fun, enjoyment, wellbeing and sustainability.

“Solar electricity can also be produced and utilised for example in rides and vehicles, canopies and other structures, as well as light fixtures and waste containers,” says Senior Consultant Aki Pesola from Gaia.

If solar energy solutions suggested in the study were built, Särkänniemi could produce approximately 600 MWh of solar electricity per year. The amount corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of 30 electrically heated single-family houses. The park’s solar heat potential is circa 50 MWh per year.

The study suggests that Särkänniemi should start solar investments from the most cost-effective locations. For solar electricity, these include the roof of the Dolphinarium, the south side of the Rapids Ride, the roof of Pizzeria Pelle and the roof of Näsinneula Observaton Tower. Solar heat could be used to cut the water heating costs of the Dolphinarium. The Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy supports solar energy investments, which improves their profitability.

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