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New faces at Gaia

Three new sustainable business specialists have joined Gaia in October and November: Virve Viertiö, Heini Purho and Niilo Salmela.

Virve Viertiö started as Senior Consultant in the beginning of November. Virve’s strengths lie in corporate responsibility issues related to biodiversity and ecological sustainability, as well as the development of sustainable financing. Virve has a background in business and management consultancy at McKinsey. She’s a Master of Science in Ecology and a teacher in adult education, and she has worked as an entrepreneur and educator in several corporate responsibility development projects.

Heini Purho started in the role of a Consultant in October. Heini’s areas of expertise include sustainable finance, green bonds, ESG ratings and investor relations. Heini has developed her expertise by working in the financial sector at OP Ryhmä and in Responsible Investment and Sustainability Services at KMPG. Heini has a master’s degree in global development from the University of Copenhagen.

Niilo Salmela joined Gaia in the role of an Assistant Consultant in October. Niilo has studied environmental and marine biology at Åbo Akademi University, where he previously worked as a project assistant. At Gaia Niilo specializes in marine biology and biodiversity issues, such as environmental impact assessments for fish farming.


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