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New book bites into the impacts and solutions of climate change

Low-carbon operation is becoming the corner stone of profitable business development, writes Gaia’s Chairman of the Board Pasi Rinne, in a book published today.

Ilmastonmuutos käytännössä (Climate Change in Practice; only available in Finnish) (Gaudeamus 2011), edited by Anne Virtanen and Liisa Rohweder, was published today, 9 May 2011 in Helsinki, Finland, in a Climate Change seminar. The book analyses the local impacts of climate change on the Finnish natural environment, society and people’s lives, and practical solutions to reduce these impacts. The work also looks into the ways in which policy making processes, municipalities, enterprises and the civil society address climate change.

Mr. Pasi Rinne and Ms. Anna Kumpulainen from Gaia have written a chapter in the book on climate change mitigation and its profitability. The chapter offers ways for businesses to mitigate climate change, for instance, through distance work, business travel reduction and improving energy efficiency. The authors also bring up the German city of Freiburg as an example of sustainable town planning.

”The mitigation of global warming is challenging yet possible. Although climate change mitigation is costly, it can also generate money through cost cutting smart operations and creates new business and investment opportunities. Climate change mitigation has profoundly changed the way to view organisations’ operation”, Rinne writes.

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