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Kaisa Hietala and Gaia to boost sustainable business

Kaisa Hietala becomes a partner at the sustainable business consultancy Gaia Consulting, and will be responsible for the firm’s strategic consulting, with a special focus on integrating environmental and climate challenges with business. Most recently, Hietala has worked as EVP of the Renewable Products business area at Neste.

“Kaisa is an experienced business leader who has specialized in combining environmental and climate challenges with business. At Gaia, Kaisa will help businesses turn these challenges into a part of their strategy and into profitable growth”, says Pasi Rinne, Chairman of the Gaia Board.

“Many companies see climate change primarily as a risk. For those companies that are incapable of moving their operations towards carbon neutrality, it is indeed a risk, as their business environment becomes ever more unstable. At the same time, however, demand for clean technology and for clean products and services will grow substantially. Together with Kaisa, we can help companies to benefit from the emerging opportunities of sustainable growth.”

Kaisa Hietala, 48, has 20 years of experience in the oil industry. She built and led for ten years one of Finland’s most successful industrial innovations, the Renewable Products business area at Neste. Under Hietala, the unit achieved a turnover of three billion euros, a profit of nearly a billion euros, and annual CO2 savings of more than 8 million tons in 2018. Kaisa Hietala left her position at Neste in early 2019.

From environmental and climate challenges to sustainable growth

“Gaia’s business is built on the idea that in the future, success in business depends on the ability to turn environmental and climate challenges into strengths. Finnish and Nordic companies are well positioned to be the first movers to do this. What is needed are fact-based business reviews, ambitious strategic goals, and the right every-day management decisions”, says Ulla Heinonen, Managing Director of Gaia Consulting.

According to its Gaia2020 program, Gaia Consulting aims to boost its high-end consulting services to corporate leaders. Kaisa Hietala is responsible for developing these management consulting services and for leading the customer projects in this area.

“I have an ambitious goal to combine profitable business with sustainability. My experience at Neste has proved that it is possible. I want to extend this possibility to other industries and to answer all the enquiries I have received during the past year. I have for some time looked for a platform to further develop my business idea and to make it a reality”, Kaisa Hietala says.

Further information:

Managing Director Ulla Heinonen,, +358 40 550 6982
Partner Kaisa Hietala,, +358 50 476 4372
Chairman of the Board Pasi Rinne,, +358 400 464 127

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