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Group of businesses is accelerating Finland’s offshore wind sector

Team Renewable Arctic Finland continues the work of two ecosystems with nearly a decade of experience in innovative business development. The goal is to create new expertise in renewable offshore wind production.


At the end of 2020, Gaia took an initiative to establish a business ecosystem specializing in renewable offshore wind production. Team Renewable Arctic Finland (TRAF) was born. The ecosystem combines future market potential and Finnish companies’ business development needs. Most importantly, it creates low-carbon solutions for the world market. TRAF combines lessons learned from two previous ecosystems: Team Arctic Finland and Baltic Offshore Wind.


In 2013, Gaia came together with 15 companies to harness their Arctic expertise. Team Arctic Finland was created as a corporate cluster with a good team spirit and trust, synergetic offering, and common target markets and clients. It was successful until TRAF took over – thanks to the member companies and their committed key persons.


In 2018, a heightened interest in the transformation from fossil energy to renewables raised the same question as five years before: What could be developed and gained together as a team? With pioneering companies and the help from Business Finland, Gaia created the Baltic Offshore Wind cluster. The cluster focused on the offshore wind market, business, and concept development. Several companies committed to work as a team to dive deep into the market.


Today, TRAF has 22 ecosystem members with varied expertise in offshore wind development: ABB, Aker Arctic, Arctia, Boskalis Terramare, Corporatum, Danfoss, Destia, Enersense, EPV, ESL Shipping, Finnish Sea Service, Fortum, Hyötytuuli, Ponvia, Pori Offshore Constructions, Rauma Marine Constructions, Savcor, Skarta Energy, Steerprop, VTT and Wärtsilä. The ecosystem is growing. Its newest member is Ampner.


TRAF and its plan was granted the Business Finland orchestration support for Growth Engines in June 2021.


“Renewable energy sources make the low-carbon green transition a reality in Finland’s upcoming energy and climate strategy. Wind power will be one of the most significant ways to produce energy in the future. Finland needs a group of dedicated businesses to develop the sector – Team Renewable Arctic Finland Is answering this need“, says Helena Saren, Head of Smart Energy at Business Finland.


“We at ABB are looking for new opportunities especially from the offshore wind and marine sectors. We have seen the value for business development that is created by updated market intelligence, client interaction, well facilitated actions and joint approaches – great to work with the TRAF team”, adds Sampo Viheriälehto, Sales Manager at ABB Marina and Ports.


“Corporate commitment together with the Business Finland support will secure our possibilities to continue our joint efforts towards an ambitious goal for a carbon free future. We’ll be able to develop and match advanced Finnish solutions with key clients worldwide”, says Pekka Pokela, Project Director at Gaia.