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Government Foresight 2030 on Sustainable Growth and Well-being – First phase completed

In this exceptional effort, Finnish government has joined forces to see what might be ahead of us. The Government Foresight 2030 on sustainable growth and well-being moved one step ahead on February 14th when The Future 2030 report was released.

The report has already sparked a great debate about what opportunities the future could bring and what will be Finland’s strengths.

The attention doesn’t come as a surprise, since the preparation phase included a group of 100 experts, regional seminars with over 1000 participants and active social media participation through New modes of co-operation and communication were tested and even the actual report is an interactive publication at

Gaia participated in the work by supporting the expert teams that produced the report.

Climate change, sustainability and scarcity of natural resources are already mainstream topics and challenges that can be solved. Internet-economy is a great game-changer that will also enable ecologically sustainable solutions in the near future.

”For our own good, it is essential that the sustainability challenges will be promptly turned to opportunities”, says Pekka Pokela, Business Director at Gaia.

This requires agility and risk taking as well as brave individuals. ”Finland is a small and agile country but can we change fast enough?” asks Mari Hjelt, partner at Gaia.

Dr Hjelt will work further on the results in preparation of the actual Government Foresight 2030. It is due to be submitted to the Parliament in autumn 2013.

More information:

  • Pekka Pokela, Business Director, Gaia, tel. +358 40 544 1582,
  • Mari Hjelt, Partner, Gaia, tel. + 358 40 823 6991,