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Gaia supports the renovation of a historic yacht

S/Y Renata paved the way for the infamous Nordic racing yachts in the 1930’s. Now, a group of volunteers has undertaken its restoration and reincarnation as a club yacht.

Club Renata won’t be just any club but a club that aims at preventing social exclusion of youth. Sailing is a way to learn social skills and responsibilities. It also motivates and boosts self-confidence.

S/Y Renata’s days of glory date back to 1928 when she won the regatta of Sandhamn. At the moment, she is in decay as she has been virtually forgotten since the 1980’s.

Finland’s National Board of Antiquities will subsidize restoration. That’s another first, since no other recreational vessel before Renata has been considered worth such attention.

What’s Gaia’s role, then?

“As a sustainability consultancy, we’re supporting the project by assessing the environmental impacts of main materials, such as hardwood. We’ll also assess the whole carbon footprint of the project ”, says Juha Vanhanen, Managing Director of Gaia Consulting.

The project will be documented and a naval historian will write a book about it.

“With our help, the environmental aspects will be taken into account and Club Renata can also educate others in these matters”, continues Mr. Vanhanen.

The brave but battered boat will be present at Helsinki International Boat Show, Northern Europe’s biggest boating event, starting Feb 8th.

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