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Gaia strengthens its expertise in circular economy

Juhani Anhava (M.Sc.) has been appointed as Senior Advisor at Gaia Group. He has previously acted as Business Development Director, Energy and Environment at Outotec, and before Outotec in various management positions at BASF and Pöyry Group since the late 1970s. At Gaia, he will concentrate on projects related to circular economy.

Companies in wide-ranging fields are adopting principles of circular economy. Gaia aims to consult them in finding practical business solutions that are both environmentally sound and profitable. It has been estimated that in Europe alone, circular economy could generate a net economic benefit of €1.8 trillion by 2030.

“Juhani brings a wealth of global experience in circular economy solutions to Gaia. With him, we can help our customers to find not only new solutions, but also opportunities for international growth”, says Pasi Rinne, Gaia’s Chairman of the Board.

“Circular economy presents opportunities that are not just about legislation or politics. They are above all practical and business-oriented. For example, there is still lot to be done in the field of materials efficiency. But the real benefits of circular economy can be found in the way customers’ needs are quickly changing. Pioneering companies are developing solutions that very concretely lower both fixed costs and emissions – and at the same time, building new business models and partnerships to meet their customers’ needs.”

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  • Pasi Rinne, Chairman of the Board, Gaia Consulting Oy,