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Gaia signs Diversity Charter to further promote diversity

Gaia is strongly committed to promoting diversity in all its activities, whether it refers to ethnicity, language, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability or religion. By signing FIBS Corporate Responsibility Network’s Diversity Charter, Gaia ensures that diversity remains at the very core of its growing business.

Gaia employs a multicultural and cross-sectoral team of experts. This diversity helps the company to look at problems from a great variety of angles and come up with the most innovative and sustainable solutions to complex challenges for clients all around the world. Diversity and inclusion are inseparable elements of Gaia’s work.

Gaia recently took a further step to cement diversity in all its actions by signing FIBS Corporate Responsibility Network’s Diversity Charter. By partnering with FIBS, Gaia wants to promote dialogue on the benefits of diversity. The company also hopes to gain new ideas and best practices that will help it to further develop its commitment to diversity and to integrate diversity into its day-to-day business both in internal processes and with clients.

Senior Consultant Julia Illman receiving the Diversity Charter diploma on behalf of Gaia in October.

Signing the Charter is a powerful statement showing that Gaia welcomes diversity and works hard to embed it in everything it does. The company’s Code of Conduct includes principles on non-discrimination and equal treatment. To maintain an inclusive workplace, Gaia has a flexible working policy that takes into account the individual situations and needs of its personnel and allows employees to work irrespective of time and place.

FIBS is the leading non-profit corporate responsibility network in Finland. It brings together companies, NGOs, researches, public sector organisations and other players.

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