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Gaia names new partners

Mikko Halonen, Julia Illman, and Lauri Larvus have become shareholders at Gaia Group Oy. All three are staff members, valuable team players at Gaia, and profoundly committed to the long-term development of Gaia.

“We are committed to professionalism, work to earn credibility and must be able to offer continuity. Our business is based on our values, guided by our mission, and directed by our strategy. Our new partners are a living proof of our commitment”, says Managing Director Ulla Heinonen.

“This is a major step for us as a company. It speaks to our position as a leading company in our business. We are proud to offer partnerships in a successful organization which is above all guided by its values”, says, Pasi Rinne, Chairman of Gaia Group.

Gaia is one of the most prominent sustainable business consultancies in the world. For more than 25 years, on all continents, Gaia has worked with more than 1,000 corporations, governments and international organisations, and helped them to make the world cleaner and safer. This decision which brings in three new shareholders is yet another sign of our strong commitment to our long-term business strategy.

”In the past year, Gaia has taken a leap forward as a company. Our personnel has exceptionally wide knowledge and capabilities in sustainable business development – and we have a clear purpose. Thanks to our highly-capable team, I feel confident for the future and thrilled having an opportunity for making this commitment”, says Lauri Larvus, one of the new partners.

“From day one, I have had strong trust in the Gaia management team in pursuing our ambition. Now I am honored to be among Gaia’s partners. For me, this is a sign of trust that further strengthens commitment to the future of Gaia”, add Julia Illman.

Today, Gaia Group Oy has 13 shareholders, all working at Gaia.

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