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Gaia goes climate positive

Gaia joined today the The Climate Partners network and made a bold commitment to compensate for its climate emissions by 200% starting in 2012.

The Climate Partners network, a joint organisation formed by business and the City of Helsinki (Finland) grew today with significant companies and environmental experts. Along with Gaia, environmental commitments to mitigate climate change were signed by the Aalto University, ABB, Bring Express, Gasum, Green Net Finland, the University of Helsinki, the Helsinki Cooperative Society Elanto (HOK-Elanto), Itella, Kämp Group, Metropolia, Motiva Oy, Nordic Offset, Finland’s environmental administration, Sitra, and Yleisradio Oy (Yle).

“We are committed to do more than our share for a cleaner climate: we go beyond carbon neutrality. Gaia’s strongest positive climate impact comes through our work with clients though. Gaia helps both small and large clients in developed and developing countries to reduce their climate emissions and improve their energy efficiency with solutions that are good for climate and business. Together with other organisations involved the Climate Partners network, we can create tangible sustainability solutions”, says Pasi Rinne, Chairman of Board of Gaia.

The Climate Partners commit to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by enhancing their operations and offering better products and services for controlling climate change. In addition to signing the commitments, the Climate Partners network aims to improve the competitiveness of the companies, to find new business possibilities, and to foster cooperation between the members of the network.

Gaia will offset two-fold its green house gas emissions through purchase of emission reduction certificates from a credible offset provider in climate mitigation projects that promote clean energy and sustainable development. Gaia also systematically reduces its climate emissions where ever possible, e.g. by avoiding unnecessary travelling and preferring smart IT solutions. Gaia has been carbon neutral since 2007. The company’s carbon footprint was 51 tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2011, comprised of business travel (71%), commuting (18%), heating (8%), other (2%) and electricity (0,5%).

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