Back 13.09.2021

Gaia expands its consulting firepower

Gaia has strengthened its team with three new consultants. Lauri Nyrhilä, Johanna Tavia and Saara Pohjalainen have all started in their new positions during the summer.


Lauri Nyrhilä has a M.Sc. (Technology) degree from Aalto University where he majored in Sustainable Energy Systems and Markets. He is experienced in the energy sector and has most recently worked at Fortum on optimization and production planning of district heating.


Johanna Tavia graduated Aalto University with a M.Sc. (Technology) in Industrial Engineering and Management. Most recently she has worked as a strategy consultant. At Gaia, Johanna will focus on issues of sustainable business strategies.


Saara Pohjalainen has a M.Sc. (Technology) in Environmental and Energy Engineering and she has also studied Environmental Policy and Corporate Responsibility. Before Gaia, Saara worked in the banking sector specializing in sustainable financing and ESG risks.


– Consulting is at the core of Gaia’s business. In practice, it means that we have to understand our clients’ businesses on a deep level in order to help them find more sustainable business solutions and models, Gaia’s Managing Director Ulla Heinonen says.


– Lauri, Johanna and Saara are excellent examples of young consultants who combine business skills seamlessly with an understanding on the requirements of sustainable development. Energy, manufacturing and finance are fields that are increasingly important in the green transformation of business. Lauri, Johanna ja Saara greatly enhance our ability to serve our clients.