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Gaia continues to operate as a carbon positive company

Gaia has been carbon neutral since 2007 and carbon positive since 2012. In addition to tackling climate change together with our clients and partners, we offset more greenhouse gas emissions than we produce – in order to contribute to the removal of emissions from the atmosphere.

Gaia measures its greenhouse gas emissions and publishes its carbon footprint annually. We systematically reduce our emissions and compensate for any remaining emissions by supporting responsible climate mitigation projects. Instead of just compensating for our negative climate impacts, we create positive impacts by offsetting our emissions by 200 %.

In 2014, Gaia’s carbon footprint was 129 tons CO2, whereas in 2013 it was 96 tons CO2. The growth is due to an increase in international projects that require more air travel. Gaia’s carbon footprint includes its electricity use, heating, business travel, commuting, water use, paper use, waste, as well as the lifecycle emissions of laptops and mobile phones used by employees. In addition to permanent staff, interns and other temporary employees are also included in Gaia’s carbon footprint calculation.

Gaia reduces its emissions e.g. by buying green electricity, travelling only when necessary, favouring public transportation and cycling, and choosing low-carbon food services and energy-efficient IT solutions.

We offset our emissions in 2014 by purchasing 258 emission reduction certificates (corresponding to 258 tons of CO2) in a Gold Standard climate mitigation project in Madagascar. The project involves manufacturing and distributing climate-friendly solar cookers, which save up to 50 % of charcoal or firewood. The project also contributes to poverty reduction with an emphasis on health benefits to women and children.

“The atmosphere can only take a limited amount of greenhouse gases, if we want to avoid dangerous levels of climate change. We want to do our share and more to ensure that the planet’s carbon budget remains positive for future generations,” says Chairman of the Board Pasi Rinne.

Gaia’s Innovative Solutions for Sustainability help organisations to reduce their environmental impacts and to do better business.

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