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Forchem to be at the forefront of low-carbon solutions

Gaia’s new carbon footprint calculations on Forchem’s products provide backbone for the company’s competitive strategy as being a forerunner in climate-friendly solutions.

Gaia’s experts calculated the carbon footprint of Forchem’s products, including bio-fuel Fortop600, Tall Oil Fatty Acid, Tall Oil Rosin and Distilled Tall Oil. According to Gaia’s calculations, the products have a minimal carbon footprint. Production of alternative products for same end-usage would cause 12–35 fold emissions compared to those of Forchem’s products.

“Gaia’s thorough footprint calculations provide us a competitive advantage in sales and customer communications. Information on the carbon footprint of the products is now included in our product information material, and our staff is well educated to respond customer enquiries”, says Business Development Manager Janne Lukkarinen from Forchem.

“Forchem’s products are a fascinating example of successful bio-based economy and business. Tall oil products can provide remarkable climate benefits”, says Gaia’s Leading Consultant Anna Kumpulainen.

In 2011, Gaia calculated the carbon footprint for Forchem’s raw materials, production and logistics operations. Gaia also carried out an assessment on climate impacts of tall oil products compared with emission reductions enabled by the end use of the products. Presently, Gaia is working on the verification of the sustainability of bio-based fuels for Forchem, to help the company prove compliance of requirements on renewable energy regulation in the European Union.

Forchem Oy is one of the leading tall oil refiners globally. The company supplies industry-leading products to global players across a wide range of markets including coatings, lubricants, soaps, paper size, ink resins, and adhesives. From the establishment of Forchem in 2002, the company’s operations have been guided by green values.

Tall oil products are natural raw materials for many industrial processes. Product carbon footprint is the sum of greenhouse gas emissions and greenhouse gas removals of a product system, expressed in CO2 equivalents.

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