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Forchem selected as finalist for the 2012 Global Cleantech Later Stage Award

Bio-based business flourishes in Finland: Gaia’s client Forchem was named as one the most promising cleantech companies from around the world, thanks to its low-carbon products made of pine.

“A pine is no longer just a gorgeous tree living in northern forests for us: it is a source of one of the greatest wood biorefinery products on the market. You may come across with oil from pine – tall oil – in a variety of products from paints and papers to printing inks and bio fuels. Gaia has systematically calculated climate benefits of Forchem´s tall oil products. This global recognition shows how cleantech is concrete products and prosperous business”, said Gaia’s Business Director Tiina Pursula today in the Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference in Helsinki, where results of the carbon footprint calculations were presented.

The competition for best cleantech companies is organised by the Global Cleantech Cluster Association and has listed 30 finalists of the screened 4,500 European, North American and Asian companies. Finland has three companies in this last stage of the competition: Forchem, The Switch and Eniram. The winning companies will be announced on 12 November. A number of leading venture financiers and entrepreneurs from around the world will be visiting the finalist companies to select the winners.

Gaia’s experts have calculated the carbon footprint of Forchem’s products, including bio-fuel Fortop600, Tall Oil Fatty Acid, Tall Oil Rosin and Distilled Tall Oil. According to Gaia’s calculations, the products have a minimal carbon footprint. Production of alternative products for same end-usage would cause 12–35 fold emissions compared to those of Forchem’s products. Low carbon footprint is one important element of sustainability of wood biorefinery products.

Forchem Oy is one of the leading tall oil refiners globally. The company supplies industry-leading products to global players across a wide range of markets including coatings, lubricants, soaps, paper size, ink resins, and adhesives. Tall oil products are natural raw materials for many industrial processes.

For further information:

  • Tiina Pursula, Business Director, tel. +358 40 514 9507
  • Pasi Rinne, Chairman of the Board, tel. +41 79 472 6909