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Five new sustainability consultants join Gaia

Gaia continues to grow this Autumn – altogether five new consultants started in October and November.

Five new consultants have been recruited to Gaia in October and November. Matleena Moisio, Matti Pousi, Millariia Wikman, Sauli Miettinen and Waltteri Salmi bring expertise from different areas, such as strategy works, the energy sector, the public sector, and communications. The group will strengthen Gaia’s insight in sustainability and what it means for businesses and organisations in the 2020s.

Matleena Moisio strengthens Gaia’s expertise in sustainability in the public sector. Moisio has broad experience from sustainability consultancy: she has previously worked as a Sustainability Specialist at the City of Vantaa and as a Junior Consultant at Tyrsky Consulting, where she worked on policy papers, among other things. In addition, Moisio is a member of the board at Fingo. For Moisio, it is important to be able to contribute to society’s transition towards a low-carbon future.

Matti Pousi brings in expertise in communications. Pousi has previously worked as a Communications and Change Consultant at Ellun Kanat, where he helped businesses and organisations keep up with the fast-paced world and effectively communicate their sustainability actions and goals. In addition Pousi has increased his knowledge on climate change in political campaigns. At Gaia, Pousi is particularly interested in the communication that is needed for systemic change – one that takes into account every person and organisation in society.

Millariia Wikman brings in broad expertise in strategy and foresight. Wikman has previous experience in management consultancy at Talent Vectia, where she worked as a Senior Consultant and helped businesses and society reach their growth objectives. At Gaia, Wikman hopes to be able to build a better future together with clients, and strengthen the linkages between businesses and the public sector to ensure sustainable development.

Sauli Miettinen brings in expertise in the energy sector. Miettinen has previously worked as a Consultant at Korkia, where he focused on robotics and the energy business, as well as at StrategyCo.Global, where he worked with the forest industry. Miettinen is particularly excited in developing the sustainable use of energy and materials in a way that takes the business perspective into account as solutions are sought and evaluated.

Waltteri Salmi strengthens Gaia’s expertise in the energy sector. Salmi has previously worked as a Consultant at Granlund Consulting, where his latest work has included, among other things, energy solutions for large buildings and city blocks – focusing on heating and cooling solutions as well as energy flow circulation. At Gaia, Salmi is particularly interested in working with challenges and business opportunities that are connected to the on-going energy transformation.

“All in all the five new consultants will bring a lot of new energy and expertise to Gaia. Businesses and organisations recognize the opportunities and risks related to sustainability, which, in turn, increases the need of sustainability consultancy. Gaia can respond to this need”, says Gaia’s CEO Ulla Heinonen.

“With the expansion of our business and expertise we are able to help our clients even better in reaching the advantages that are linked to sustainability. Our experts make the world cleaner and safer with our clients every day”, Heinonen says.


Photo (from left to right): Matti Pousi, Matleena Moisio, Waltteri Salmi, Millariia Wikman, Sauli Miettinen.