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Fiblon Oy shows how sustainability is part of the successful business of small-medium sized enterprises

Fiblon, a family-run company with 30 employees, developed its corporate responsibility in an ambitious yet straight-forward collaboration project.

Fiblon, a Finnish company producing tabletop products, wiping products and travel comfort items, published its first Corporate Responsibility Report focusing on profitable growth, satisfied customers, the joy of working, and respecting the environment. Gaia advised Fiblon of how best to develop and report its responsibility and helped Fiblon to set goals and to build a vision on responsibility towards the year 2015.

“We have been working actively as a pioneer in developing solutions for sustainable development for decades already. It is a part of Fiblon’s core strategy. In the new Corporate Responsibility Report, we have now put these long-term issues into a compact and concrete format. This helps Fiblon enormously in communicating sustainability aspects to our customers and stakeholders and to show how advanced we are”, says Pekka Ekberg, Managing Director of Fiblon.

Fiblon has, for example, invested in avoiding unnecessary consumption of energy. The most important actions have been adopting adjustable automatic lighting and the optimization of energy efficiency of production machinery through the choice of machines and state of rest steering. Starting 2011, Fiblon will use only wind power. In addition, Gaia calculated Fiblon’s carbon footprint to help the company to achieve and monitor continuous improvement.

“Gaia has been an outstanding partner for us. Working with an expert saves our resources and leads to best results. In small and medium-sized enterprises particularly, this kind of partnership is of great importance – otherwise they may not have enough capacity to develop their thinking and activities”, Pekka Ekberg concludes.

“The case of Fiblon is an excellent example of how small and medium-sized enterprises can enhance their sustainability, responsibility and profitability. Companies such as Fiblon act as agile forerunners on their business areas”, says Pasi Rinne, Chairman of the Board of Gaia Group.

Fiblon was established in 1979 and is located in Pori, Southern Finland. Collaboration between Fiblon and Gaia is part of VALID, a development programme for responsible business operations in the region of Satakunta, carried out by Prizztech Ltd. Gaia provides expertise and consultancy services for various companies participating in the VALID programme through a framework contract.

Fiblon’s Corporate Responsibility Report

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  • Pekka Ekberg, Managing Director, Fiblon, tel. +358 50 589 4989,

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