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Energy efficiency gives small and medium sized companies a competitive edge

With the right support measures, small and medium sized companies can reduce their environmental impact and boost their bottom line with improved energy efficiency.

Small and medium sized companies as a group consume a significant amount of energy in the Nordic countries, even though the energy consumption per company may be relatively low. Gaia’s new study looks at energy efficiency in small and medium sized companies: the barriers of improvement as well as the existing policy instruments, which support the companies in reviewing and improving their energy efficiency. The study was commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The study concludes that the current policy instruments include many elements that could help small and medium companies to make energy efficiency improvements. Sharing information and best practices, as well as making sure that companies get support when implementing energy efficiency improvements is essential if real progress is to be made.

“Energy efficiency issues should be integrated into the existing support mechanisms that are targeted to small and medium sized companies, and the companies need reliable channels of information. Support – including peer support – and guidance in implementing energy efficiency improvements is tremendously important. Energy management should also be made as simple as possible,” says Senior Consultant Marika Bröckl from Gaia.

With the right measures, small and medium companies can be important contributors to overall energy efficiency improvements and grow their bottom line in the process.

“Good practices already exist and there is potential for improvement. Now it is just a question of taking action,” says Bröckl.

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