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Distance work reduces costs and emissions

A new study, carried out for the United Nations, shows that potential benefits from distance work include cost savings and time efficiency as well as cuts in greenhouse gas emissions from commuting and office operation. The project identified a great interest and preparedness among staff and very few technological improvements would be required to enable more work from distance. Gaia provided expert services to the study.

The project assessed interest of staff, calculated potential financial benefits, looked into administrative, legal and management practices and developed a body of knowledge required for designing a distance work scheme within the UN.

The study noted that distance work scheme could generate further benefits if designed as a part of overall staff management issues and coupled with innovative office space management. It was further noted that distance work must not be developed independently from overall management strategy, but should be carefully adjusted to the needs and possibilities of the organization, its location, business, way it works, and staff capacities.

The project has provided strong case how distance work can be an innovative solution for sustainability.


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