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Developing the ports of tomorrow

Ports are important hubs between marine and ground transport. They are critical for the functionality of society and international trade as well as for the mobility of people. Their importance for an efficient and safe flow of goods and people is emphasized in countries located along major maritime routes. Finland is one of these countries. Ports are vital to us especially as we are far away from Europe’s largest centres for, consumption and production.

The role that ports play as logistic hubs also accentuates their relevance for developing logistics chains and digitalization. Digitalization and IoT solutions (Internet of Things) are tools that can be used to significantly affect fluency, safety, efficiency and environmental efficiency of operations.

Gaia participated in Port Days 2016 organized by the Finnish Port Association and the Finnish Port Operators Association. A panel consisting of company representatives discussed the current situation and outlook of port operations as well as development challenges for the future.

The panel was moderated by Gaia’s Business Director Pekka Pokela. The panel discussion emphasized the competitiveness of logistics chains, environmental efficiency, digitalization and need for broad co-operation that will ensure the conditions for competitive operations.

Port Days 2016 were held in Kokkola. The Port of Kokkola and the company network operating in the area are an excellent example of seamless local co-operation. Their mosaic-like operating model puts emphasis on close cooperation, service cpaability and efficiency which have all supported the economical growth of the Kokkola region.

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