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Corporate responsibility can be a big asset to small companies

Corporate responsibility is not only for big corporations – small and medium-sized companies can also benefit greatly from it. Fiblon, a Finnish manufacturer of tabletop and wiping products and travel comfort items has been reporting on responsibility issues since 2009. Gaia has helped the company to compile its corporate responsibility reports.

“We wish to act in a transparent and responsible manner. We also want to set an example and show other small and medium-sized companies that they can benefit from corporate responsibility reporting,” says CEO Pekka Ekbergfrom Fiblon.

“That is why we invest strongly in staff training, use wind power, and develop our energy efficiency. Our products are biodegradable and many of them ecolabeled, and our waste is either reused or turned into energy through incineration,” Ekberg explains.

Corporate responsibility can indeed help to streamline operations, manage risks, create team spirit, and boost stakeholder communications in large as well as small companies.

“Corporate responsibility can be cost-effective and concrete, and it can create real improvement. It is important for an organisation to determine what is material for its stakeholders and what it wants to achieve with corporate responsibility. Then it can choose the best measures to reach its goals,” says Business Manager Anna Kumpulainen from Gaia.

“Customers and their customers set the same requirements for small companies as they do for big corporations. Responding to these requirements must be cost-effective, create synergy with business strategy and bring tangible results. Every link in a supply chain needs to be prepared to report on key responsibility issues to shield the chain from responsibility risks,” says Chairman of the Board Pasi Rinnefrom Gaia.

Gaia is a trusted partner to organisations of all sizes and fields in corporate responsibility reporting and sustainable business.

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