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Climate specialist Pekka Reinikainen joins Gaia as Senior Advisor

Pekka Reinikainen joins Gaia as Senior Advisor and brings in expertise in risk management, a crucial skill for businesses and organisations in the fast-changing world. Reinikainen says climate change mitigation and prevention are one of the largest tasks in the history of humanity ­– and at the same time full of possibilities.

Pekka Reinikainen works as Officer in Advocacy and Communications in International Operations and  Programmes at the Finnish Red Cross. To him, climate change is one of the most serious challenges that can, at worst, have negative effects on a number of other worrisome developments. Reinikainen will strengthen Gaia’s consultancy operations with his expertise in risk management.

Risk management is a part of the changing environment to all businesses and organisations. In addition to climate change, biodiversity, demographic changes, and humanitarian problems will challenge us in the coming decades. The effects of the challenges on societies are vast. The change is, however, full of possibilities.

The solution lies in taking responsibility – together

“Climate change will emphasise the interdependence between the developed and the developing countries. The states that are facing the most severe circumstances are at a high risk. Their ability to overcome risks will also affect Europe and Finland”, says Reinikainen.

Climate change will likely lead to increasing instability and a higher possibility of conflicts.

“If we are not able to prevent the world’s humanitarian calamities from developing uncontrollably, we will be faced with unprecedented crises and conflicts, which will be also affected by the ecological crisis at hand”, Reinikainen continues.

The World Economic Forum estimates the probability and effectiveness of risks on business activities yearly. Climate change, extreme weather conditions, and biodiversity losses are the most probable and the most influential threats. Global cooperation in risk management is, however, weak, and national efforts suffer from inadequate resources.

“At the moment most businesses and organisations do not prepare to face risks in an adequately. Pekka Reinikainen will provide a deep understanding to Gaia’s clients on why to prepare for the multifaceted change in the world”, says Chairman of the Board Pasi Rinne.


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  • Pekka Reinikainen, Senior Advisor,, +358 40 747 9312