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Clear corporate responsibility targets help Kemira to succeed

Kemira is highly committed to corporate responsibility and sustainable business. Clear targets and close monitoring and reporting are vitally important.

Kemira provides application know-how and chemicals that improve customers’ water, energy and raw material efficiency in water-intensive industries. Kemira focuses on the pulp and paper, oil and gas, and mining and water treatment industries. Corporate responsibility is deeply encoded in Kemira’s business.

“Gaia has been our trusted, longstanding partner in developing our environmental performance reporting,” says Riikka Timonen, Director of Corporate responsibility at Kemira.

Gaia helps Kemira in collecting and consolidating environmental data from Kemira’s production facilities globally. Gaia has also developed practices for calculating the company’s greenhouse gas emissions and conducted carbon footprint calculations for its products.

Kemira introduced a climate change target in January 2014 and aims to reduce the Kemira Carbon Index by 20 percentage points by the end of 2020 compared to the baseline year 2012. The company follows this target with the Energy Efficiency Index and Carbon Index developed by Gaia.

“The Energy Efficiency Index and Carbon Index help Kemira to monitor its performance on a company level as well as in individual manufacturing sites. The indices also enable benchmarking between different facilities. Tailored sustainability indicators help the organisation to concentrate on the material issues that are essential to achieving its goals in a cost-efficient way,” says Leading Consultant Anna Kumpulainen from Gaia.

Gaia has also supported Kemira with water risk assessment to define potential risks from Kemira’s operations to local water resources and environment, and any potential risk to business due to water scarcity.

More information:

  • Kemira’s Annual Report 2014
  • Anna Kumpulainen, Leading Consultant, Gaia Consulting, tel. +358 41 545 8859, email:
  • Iivo Vehviläinen, Business Director, Gaia Consulting, tel. +358 50 345 3705, email: