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Carbon emissions created by the FINWAY event now offset

The carbon emissions caused by the FINWAY event are now offset by a wind power project in China. With the help of Gaia’s expertise, the FINWAY event, which gathered Finnish and French business and design professional to Finland in June, is now carbon neutral.

The objective of the supported windpower project in the Fujian province in China is to replace fossil fuel electricity generation by the installation of wind power turbines. In the project, 36 wind turbines with 1250 kW capacity each are installed. The wind farm is expected to supply 95,602 MWh of renewable electricity per year. Project activity also creates employment opportunities; know-how is transferred, which, in turn, enhances sustainable economic development of the region.

The project is registered as Clean Development Mechanism, and it has obtained Gold Standard CDM registration – both assuring a high standard of quality.

Gaia supported the FINWAY event by calculating and offsetting its carbon emissions. According to Gaia’s calculations, the total amount of carbon dioxide caused by the FINWAY event was 7 tn – an amount comparable to 42 000 km of driving by car. Flights accounted for 90 % of total emissions.

Carbon footprint is a calculation of the greenhouse gas emissions from a specific activity. Carbon offsetting is a voluntary financial investment into climate projects reducing carbon emissions. It helps to tackle climate change which is a severe threat for both nature and people.

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