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Business change is driven by responsibility – facts support and stories fuel

Business change is driven by responsibility – facts support and stories fuel

Responsibility is rapidly becoming a key element of corporate strategy and business-making. Data, analyzes and impact calculations provide the basis for decisions, but successful change management requires stories that motivate, resonate with and are identified by stakeholders. Now that Johanna Lähteenmäki, a senior communications expert, joins the team, communications is an integrated element of Gaia’s customer services, and make sustainable business a better business.

 “Johanna brings with her a long experience of communications and public affairs to help our clients. This is increasingly needed as change towards responsible operations takes place across all sectors,” says Ulla Heinonen, CEO of Gaia Consulting.

“It is important to us that business development is based on reliable and independent information. Business decisions are based on knowledge, but they also generate stories that interest stakeholders. We want to serve our clients even better by giving them more tools for stakeholder engagement also,” Ulla continues.

Increasingly, responsibility is an integral part of the organisations’ strategy work. Communication plays a central role in this transformation. “The role of communications is to articulate the direction and create cooperation. Essential for change is that renewed approaches and processes turn into a daily routines. Communications can support this change significantly,” says Johanna Lähteenmäki.

Responsibility and sustainable development are in the heart of the social debate. Consumers make choices based on responsibility, decision-makers are guided by climate commitments, and responsibility impacts the way companies operate. Nevertheless, it must be noted that change is not always simple nor easy.

“Questions are interlinked, so we need to assess the impacts throughout the value chain. Partial optimization is not a sustainable way to work. The key to change is to find dependencies, relevant information, and to base decisions on it. A broad social dialogue is also needed,“ says Johanna.

“I want to encourage our clients into dialogue with decision-makers, consumers and each other. Real life  examples nourish the discussion, and e.g. Carbon Handprint calculations serve as a concrete tool for business development and communications,” Johanna continues.

Johanna has previously worked in communications and advocacy with various organizations at a communications agency. The eagerness to work on business development and responsibility attracted Johanna to Gaia Consulting. “I am impressed with Gaia – the way of working and the colleagues. Astonishing professionals and charming teammates,” Johanna rejoices over her new role.