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Biocarbon makes headway in China

Increasing use of coal and rapidly growing traffic pose challenges to Chinese plans to curb emissions.

One of the new solutions is biocarbon which is made of biomass, is smokeless and carbon neutral.

Gaia’s numerous technology and market analyses support energy industry decision-making to establish biocarbon as a real alternative to fossil fuel. Gaia has also designed partnerships in China to develop practical business solutions on biocarbon.

The use of coal burning power plants in energy production is increasing, and the latest political decisions could lead to an increase of coal based energy production even in the European Union. New solutions are needed to cut the emissions of this industry.

In China, biocarbon plans have been received positively. Biocarbon solutions suit well with the Chinese government’s policies on renewable energy, low-carbon and rural area development.

“The new biocarbon business initiatives in China use agricultural waste such as straw as raw material. Supply, price and quality of biomass raw material is a cornerstone in the business solutions,” says Pasi Rinne, Gaia’s Chairman of the Board.

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