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Bio-based economy has great future potential for society and business

Sustainable future can be created through distributed bio-based economy, shows a new scenario report compiled by Gaia for Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund.

The report Distributed Bio-Based Economy – Driving Sustainable Growth describes the structures of distributed bio-based economy in 2050. It shows that there will be a demand for sustainable local bio-economic solutions designed to improve energy and nutrient self-sufficiency. The transition from industrial production thinking to the smart management of natural resources will be an opportunity for Finland as a whole.

According to the scenario report, the future bio-economy will be glocal: both global and local. Part of the production – such as food and energy – will be mainly carried out locally, close to the raw materials and the customers. Special products and services will continue to be traded in the global market, interconnected with the local production through smart networks.

The study indicates that bio-economy is a sector with considerable future potential. As a new kind of economic and social strategy, the bio-based economy could be a key in the fight against the challenges our society is facing, such as climate change, depletion of natural resources or societies’ vulnerability to hazards.

“Bio-economy is not only a bundle of new technology and bio-related economy but also a new way of thinking of how to live in a sustainable way. The world of bio-based economy is the world of opportunities for those who find alternative and innovative solutions and connect themselves with counterparts around the globe. Decision-makers are now encouraged to explore these opportunities and to smoothen the path forward”, says Juha Vanhanen, Managing Director of Gaia Group.

“Distributed bio-based economy is a demanding, broad and dynamic market. The winning concepts there are modular, multiplied, resilient, robust, efficient and adaptable. The power behind these solutions lays in knowledge and competence, and in identifying and creating new partnerships along the value chain”, says Vanhanen.

Distributed Bio-Based Economy – Driving Sustainable Growth

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