Back 21.06.2022

A moment of change

In the past 14 months, as part of Sweco Group, we have conducted a serious integration process and assessed how we can deliver more value to our clients together with Sweco. Even during the integration process, we have continued on our ambitious path of growth and profitability. Now, it has been decided that Gaia continues as an independent company with its strong own brand. Therefore, our mandate – as part of Sweco Group – is very solid and the future of Gaia is very much of Gaians’ Own Making.

If there is ever an appropriate moment for change, this is it. Pasi Rinne, very much the Founding Father of Gaia, has decided to step down and give the next generation the room it deserves. Pasi will however continue as Senior Advisor with Gaia, and remain as strategic advisor, working with our clients and with Gaia’s brand development.


Leader in Green Transition 

Despite of all great work around the globe, climate change, loss of biodiversity and resource scarcity are risking everything. If we wish to maintain a livable planet, we must execute a momentous change just in seven years. In order to turn these risks to opportunities, and to turn our amazing past success to even stronger and greater Gaia, we have reworked our strategy. This consists of strategic choices, investments and everyday decisions. In addition to everything that we have in our unique 360-degree capability, we also concentrate on sustainable finance, biodiversity management and branding.


Clients at the heart 

Our clients must achieve tangible results both in terms of scalable sustainability impacts and better business. Project-by-project collaboration is a fine way of increasing knowledge but real change takes more than that. In order to make sure our clients see their crucial role in making the world cleaner and safer, we must have the required skills. Therefore, we have increased our focus on talent – Gaians are special in terms of professionalism and the Gaia Spirit.


For more information, please contact Pasi Rinne or Ulla Heinonen