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A Finnish-Chinese business cooperation launched on climate neutral biocarbon

Preseco Oy, Hebaiyi Ltd and Gaia Group Oy have today launched a significant Finnish-Chinese business cooperation to produce biocarbon in China.

Biocarbon is climate neutral high caloric value fuel which can replace fossil coal e.g. at coal fired power plants. It can also be utilised in other applications, as activated carbon for example in waste water treatment. Biocarbon can be produced from most organic residues such as wood chips, straw and biowaste.

The business venture combines the high-tech know-how of Preseco, Hebaiyi’s experience in rural area energy issues in China and Gaia’s sustainability business solutions.

Preseco Oy is a cleantech company that provides waste refining solutions converting waste into valuable products in a new revolutionary way. Preseco offers integrated solutions for water treatment, waste management and renewable energy production. Beside biocarbon, one of the new solutions is recycling of phosphorous.

Gaia Group Oy is an independent, leading expert partner to corporations, international organisations as well as private and public institutions looking for innovative solutions for sustainability. Gaia provides environmental, health and safety, risk management, energy and climate change services and is based in Finland, Switzerland and China.

Beijing Hebaiyi Ecological Energy Technology Development Ltd is a company that has extensive experience in distributed renewable energy solutions for rural areas in China. Hebaiyi and Gaia have cooperated during the last two years to develop an innovative and large programmatic Clean Development Mechanism project in China.

For further information:

  • Gaia /Pasi Rinne, Chairman of the Board, gsm +41 79 472 6909, firstname.lastname(at)
  • Preseco / Veikko Kantero, CEO, Chairman of the Board , +358 50 2217, firstname.lastname(at)