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A cross-sectoral workshop on Baltic Sea protection enhances linkages between science and decision making

Researchers and experts meet today in Helsinki to discuss the future of the Baltic Sea on the BONUS Day –Pro Mari Baltico, organised by the Academy of Finland and facilitated by Gaia.

The theme of the BONUS Day is how to use science as a base for decision making. The outcomes of the discussions will be presented tomorrow in the Baltic Sea Action Summit in Helsinki, where the heads of the states of the Baltic Sea region meet.

The BONUS Day aims to enhance the science-policy linkages. Participants will discuss research as a base for policy decisions, stakeholder values of the Baltic Sea and cross-sectoral communications. Maritime safety and ecosystem goods and services serve as elementary viewpoints for discussions. The workshop focuses on how economic, political and communicative actions in these specific fields are supported by scientific research.

The participants of the BONUS Day represent the research community and policy-making and political decision making bodies in the Baltic Sea Region. The discussion is led by using the Learning Café method – free discussion on specific issues in small groups will be led by a chairperson.

The BONUS Day – Pro Mari Baltico is a joint effort by the Academy of Finland, BONUS EEIG and the Baltic Sea Action Group in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment of Finland, the Marine Research Centre of the Finnish Environment Institute, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, and the Advisory Board for Sectoral Research. Gaia facilitates the event and provides expertise at the workshop.


  • Mari Hjelt, Managing Director, +358 (0)40 823 6991,
  • Pasi Rinne, Chairman, +41-79-472 6909,

More information on BONUS Day on the website of the Academy of Finland