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More impact, less harm!

There are huge challenges ahead if we want to hit the SDG targets within the next ten years. The only way to overcome these challenges is by harnessing the power of industry.

Performance-based sustainable business models are based on sharing knowledge and expertise across value chains and between partners. This way, more can be achieved with less, without compromising financial returns. Adopting such business models simply make common sense, both in terms of profit and sustainability.

To enable performance-based sustainable business models to become the norm, awareness and willingness to change need support and inspiring examples. UNIDO is championing wider adoption of sustainable business models for the industry. Over the past 15 years, UNIDO’s long-term work has for example included developing and successfully piloting the Chemical Leasing business model. In the chemicals arena, UNIDO also recognizes the frontrunners of innovative and impactful application of Chemical Leasing.

At Gaia, we work with UNIDO to build partnerships across the industry and policy-makers, focusing on moving the action from policy-setting to practical implementation. In 2012, Gaia had the honour of receiving an award for work in the field of innovative business models, spurring us on to elaborate with the industry on practical applications. Over the years, our clients have demonstrated first-hand how performance-based sustainable business models actively and profitably contribute to creating more with less.

To spread the word and help others change, share your story!
It is now time for the fifth global awards for performance-based sustainable business models for CHEMICALS. There are three main categories – case studies, innovation and research, and two special awards for women-led initiatives and start-ups. Apply before 15th December for global recognition of your effort.

We at Gaia, are always curious to hear about new applications of performance-based sustainable business models – and happy to help with drafting your application and building your case. Together we can make the world a safer and cleaner place.

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