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Carbon neutrality – profitable transformation to being carbonles

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Industries are moving towards carbon neutrality, and they are doing it fast due to developing regulation and increased business opportunities. Some companies are even going beyond – re-thinking business impacts through handprint and introducing targets for climate positive business.

Yet, some companies choose to view carbon neutrality as a threat instead of an opportunity to re-think their business model. Many companies think that climate change means not only volatile business environments but also pressure to improve reporting, find new ways of doing low-carbon business, and ultimately, to work towards a reduced carbon footprint. In other words, new investments and increased costs.

At Gaia, we believe that getting rid of carbon is first and foremost an opportunity. A chance to develop a sustainable business, to lower costs and find new business opportunities. All this requires that a company undergoes a carbon-free transformation in a controlled manner, sustaining its profitability during the process. And that is where Gaia’s new Carbonless service comes in.

Carbonless is a process that sets measurable targets, identifies cost-efficient GHG reduction options, reveals new business opportunities, and turns opportunities into actions. Through the service, companies are provided with cost-efficient GHG reduction roadmaps to support business growth and development. Instead of vague plans, they get reliable targets, as well as a workable climate strategy, action plan, and a compensation plan for remaining emissions. We even help with internal and external communications that are vital parts of executing the transformation.

There is nothing more important than fighting climate change and going carbon-free. And we can only do it if we do it profitably. Be Carbonless!