Satu Kulovesi-Kilpinen

Areas of expertise

Forestry and forest ecology, Forest certification, Environmental impact assessment (EIA), Bio and circular economy, Sustainable use of natural resources

“Diversity of nature and complexity of our human world has always fascinated me. Due to my never-ending desire to understand the big picture I ended up studying environmental sciences and sustainable development. James Lovelocks Gaia hypothesis was already familiarized through entrance examination. As a young and enthusiastic student, I looked for companies working in the sustainability field and found Gaia Consulting. I kept that in mind for many years to come and finally, after many interesting side paths and ten years of work, I found myself as one of gaians.

Gaia has a long history and wide expertise in sustainability consulting. It is a privilege to do meaningful work with talented and experienced colleagues. My favourite part is to do comprehensive environmental impact assessments or life cycle analysis that produce important information to back up decision making.”