Sara Teräsvasara

Sara Teräsvasara

Areas of expertise

Green Finance, Sustainable Finance, Financial Markets, Wind Power Project Development, Strategic Business Development

“Economically and environmentally sustainable growth needs to be at the centre of business practices as companies tackle the challenge of climate change mitigation. I wanted to be a part of the journey to help companies find and justify the right choices, investments, and initiatives to make impact with that agenda. This led me to Gaia, where I get the chance to support organizations in the green transition towards responsible growth through strategic business transformation.

The desire to work in a brave and optimistic environment that creates meaningful impact, taking the issue of the climate crisis seriously and at its core working for change, is something I see in Gaia’s practices, and what makes me proud to be a Gaian. Here, I’m able to combine my passion and expertise, resulting in tangible benefits for both our clients and society at large.”