Riina Pursiainen

Areas of expertise

Public Sector Sustainability, 2030 Agenda Implementation, Follow Up and Review of Sustainable Development, Civil Society Engagement

“I did my masters’ thesis on the 2030 Agenda and it’s negotiations just as it was being finalized in the UN. Because of that, I ended up with the Foreign Ministry of Finland where we began the early implementation of the Agenda2030 in Finland. Since then, I have worked with the public sector, most recently before joining Gaia, the Prime Minister’s Office and its coordination secretary for sustainable development. There my goal was to guide both the government and the whole of society into more sustainable track.

At Gaia, I am able to deepen and broaden my knowledge of sustainable development in the public sector. Finland might be the forerunner in sustainable development, but the issues we have run deep in our systems. Changing those will need the participation of the whole of society.”