Mia Wikgren

Areas of expertise

Financial management, HR Management, Employee Experience, Development projects

“My passion is to help succeed! To help and support colleagues to excel is meaningful to me and brings purpose to my daily work. I believe that motivated and  enthusiastic people are happier and perform better. At Gaia, I am able to fulfill my passion and I feel that I am doing meaningful work towards a better and safer  future.

Working in a specialist work environment has given me vast and versatile experience of  comprehensive operational and administrative work.  I  have experience of developing work communities and employee experience and I am a specialist in financial and HR management.  At Gaia I am responsible for financial and  HR management and internal process development. Through my work I support and help my colleagues to succeed in their work.

I am a people oriented and social person who enjoys working with people, especially in an expert environment like Gaia. At Gaia I learn something new every day!”

+358 50 5421 406