Heini Vassinen

Heini Vassinen

Areas of expertise

Strategy and Management Consulting, Business Development, Strategic Marketing, Commercialization and Product Launch

“It takes both systemic change and individual actions for the green transition to happen. For the first one, companies play a major role. I’ve seen that while working in a global technology company operating in energy markets: it was amazing to witness how the speed of energy transition accelerated in recent years. That – and any sustainable transformation – requires businesses to change, be it strategy, investment and financing, or business model. I want to help companies to make those changes for sustainable future while growing and ensuring profitable business.

Taking care of environment and nature is one of my core values, and besides making choices in my personal life based on that, I want to harness my knowledge, skills and strengths in sustainability and especially climate work. Joining Gaia feels like a perfect match in many ways. I’m excited to continuously learn and improve, and be surrounded by hard core sustainability experts.”