Erkki Izarra

Areas of expertise

Branding, Marketing, Sustainable Value Propositions, Verbalizing and Illustrating Strategies, Storytelling, Writing

“I thrive in the crossfire of marketing, sustainability, and strategy. So many companies have a story to tell, but they don’t know how. With Gaia, we can ensure sustainability and strategy are strong foundations of your story. When you have a sustainable value proposition, a clear mission, and convincing key messages, success is what comes naturally.

I served Gaia as a Board Member for nine years, and today, I participate in client projects as a team member when needed. I have worked in Global Product Marketing Director positions at Nokia and Microsoft and in top international creative agencies in Finland, the US, and The Netherlands. I have co-founded a design and advertising agency, a sustainable food brand, and a tech startup, among other businesses.”

+358 40 358 1014