Anna Laine

Areas of expertise

Carbon Neutrality, Climate Policy, Sustainable Finance, Carbon Markets, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Business, Development Cooperation

“As an environmental economist I am interested in market-based solutions to environmental issues, especially climate change. Clever environmental and energy policies are needed to incentivize creating a low-carbon and more environmentally friendly planet. I have worked on climate policy and green finance issues for over 15 years in both the public and private sector, doing a wide range of work from hands-on work on renewable energy projects to high-level policy assignments. This journey has brought me to Gaia, which is a prominent player in the environmental field.

I enjoy finding and analyzing new and effective technical solutions, policies and financial instruments for creating a cleaner and safer world. Here at Gaia I can expand my expertise on these issues, and learn from my enthusiastic colleagues. I am passionate about climate change issues in developing countries, Nordic pioneering work on climate and environment, climate policy and sustainable business and finance solutions. Here at Gaia I can work on all these fields and more, so I am happy to be a part of this multi-disciplinary team of experts.”