Anna-Elina Vilén

Areas of expertise

Life Cycle Assessment, Carbon Footprint, Water and Wastewater Treatment

“As a climate-concerned teenager, I remember being paralyzed in the grocery store, a tomato in each hand, trying to decide whether to choose the one with the smaller water footprint or carbon footprint. Sustainability is multi-faceted and often there is no clear best choice. Therefore, I believe every sustainability claim should be followed by “but on the other hand…”. My desire for a systematic means of quantifying environmental impacts led me to life cycle assessments during my studies in Water and Environmental Engineering. I’ve also studied water treatment and have previously worked in the public sector with energy balances of the railway network.

As a Gaian, I am motivated by the vision of normalizing sustainability to the point where the word becomes redundant. The multi-disciplinary, enthusiastic, and skilled atmosphere of Gaia is inspiring, and together with my colleagues I want to support our clients in leaving the planet in a better condition than we received it.”