Aleksi Lintunen

Aleksi Lintunen

Areas of expertise

Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Startups, Green Finance & Nature Positive Investing, Carbon Compensation, Biodiversity & Ecological Compensation, Strategy Work & Risk Control

“Addressing the global climate crisis requires international cooperation, and at times, this work can feel daunting. Conversely, promoting biodiversity and halting ecosystem degradation hinges on local decisions and actions. Through my work, I aim to advance these possibilities in the daily lives of every business and individual.

Through my international business studies, I became particularly interested in sustainable business strategies and how to transform businesses towards more profitable while being much more sustainable. And what could be a better place to do this if not Gaia? As a previous startup entrepreneur focusing on climate action and the market for ecological compensation, I gained insight into the investor perspective of evaluating a company’s capabilities. At Gaia, I aspire to lead the way towards sustainable venture capital and create value for our clients through responsible strategic work.”