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New year and new faces at Gaia

As the new year 2022 is gaining pace, it’s still a pleasure to introduce three new experts Alina Matula, Mikko Eklund and Jenni Nurmi who joined Gaia’s ranks in December 2021.  


Alina Matula joined Gaia as an Assistant Consultant. Alina studies Environmental and Natural Resource Economics at the University of Helsinki. She will begin to work part time at Gaia, as she’s also writing her master’s thesis on finance sector’s potential and opportunities in preventing biodiversity erosion. Alina’s experience and expertise are related to corporate responsibility, sustainable finance, and responsible investment. Most recently, she worked at the pension insurance company Varma, as a Responsible Investment Analyst.   


Business Manager Mikko Eklund is sometimes referred to as the forester on Gaia’s corridors. This is close to the truth, as Mikko did study for a master’s degree in the forest town of Joensuu. His field, however, was geography. Throughout his career Mikko has worked on different challenges of geospatial data, information services and digitalisation. For the previous five years Mikko worked for the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) as Director of Strategy, Finance and Digitalisation. Mikko, who has also completed an MBA-degree, is at his best in strategy work and in themes of management and ecosystem development.  


Senior Consultant Jenni Nurmi specializes in circular economy of the built environment and high-volume side flows. For the past few years, Jenni has worked through her own company on a variety of interesting projects on for example End of Waste -procedures and waste-derived fuels. Previously, Jenni has also worked as the head of the Infra business unit of the circular economy company Ecolan Oy. In addition to her master’s degree from Turku School of Economics, Jenni has also supplemented her skills with studies in construction management.