Katri Leino

Areas of expertise

Life Cycle Assessment, Carbon Footprint, Climate Change Impact Assessment of Land Use Plans, Sustainable Urban Planning, Waste Management and Recycling

“I am interested in environmental effects of our actions and how to reduce them. As a consumer I would like to be more and more conscious. My professional interests are especially in LCA and carbon footprint calculations, because I like that with them we can calculate the effects we have on the environment and climate. Before joining Gaia I have worked with climate change impact evaluations for land use planning, carbon footprint calculations for buildings and life cycle analysis of waste management and recycling. I have also worked with environmental issues of industrial sector and energy production.

The work atmosphere in Gaia is extremely positive and encouraging, maybe it’s because we all feel that our work has a meaning. It is really motivating to be able to work with interesting projects and helping our clients make the world more sustainable. I am really happy to be working here in Gaia where I have the change to constantly grow my expertise with my inspiring and talented colleagues.”

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